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10 dating rules song

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And there are a few surprises—like an unassuming Oldies-style hit from a low-key rock outfit, and a song that speaks to a feminist moment in the form of purest pop gold from a bold voice on the rise.

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Very influential in the early careers of other known rappers like Jay Z, Ja Rule was even featured on Jay Z’s hit single, “Can I Get A…” to further introduce himself to audiences.While it has been awhile since Ja Rule has been able to reach the top of the charts like his previous successes, hearing previous Ja Rule hit singles bring back memories from days gone by.Check out our list for the top ten songs by Ja Rule, and see if your favorite made the cut.The song’s performance served as notice onto Nashville that something special was going to happen -- and that continues to be the case!We absolutely love some flashbacks, and so that's why we wanted to take a stroll down memory lane of some of the BEST jams that we still groove to about being the 'ride or die' partner in a relationship. Buoyed to popularity by a music video featuring the year’s most effortlessly cool choreography, “New Rules” works so well because it’s both stylish and layered: As an escapist fantasy of girl-power, it’s a triumph, but as a rallying cry to buck the status quo, it’s even better.

In taking a look at the Kelsea Ballerini song catalog, and ranking her releases so far, one thing is clear -- there are a few album cuts on this list, as she has only had five singles out so far. Each performance on this list is evidence of her ability to capture the attention of the listener. Look for several of the tracks from her upcoming disc to make this list -- especially the brilliant “I Hate Love Songs,” which could wind up being her biggest hit ever. ) But, as of today -- these are the 10 best Kelsea songs yet, all showing a talent who is going to be one to watch for years to come!

In a sea of songs, it can be hard to pick the ones that float to the top.

They’re the sounds that stay stuck in your head for days at a time; the ones you wake up singing and save to your Spotify reflexively.

I know you miss my lovin’, my thuggin’ Thug lovin’” The video includes a helicopter ride, a choreographed scene of dancing girls, and a helicopter pad with the Murder, Inc symbol. The video depicts an old gangster style, complete with dapper suits and cigars.

album, the song features Case, and opens with a dialogue about Ja Rule considering a change of lifestyle.

“Always On Time” shows more of a sibling relationship than something romantic.